Family standing in front of house

The Banks Family of Nicholson, Georgia


A note on the back of the photo identifies those pictured from left to right as Janie Estes, Daisey Banks, Gennia Banks, Grandpa James Banks, Mamie Banks, Ed Banks, Lucy Murray Banks and children–Ruby & Ruth Banks. The note further states: Grandma Walker’s (Margie Roe Berttie Banks) Family. “Bertie,” Effie & Alice are not in picture – they were already married. Grandma Victoria Estes Banks was already dead. The picture is undated, but was probably taken about 1907 or 1908. Submitted by Ken Wilder

Margie Roberta ||Bertie|| Banks Walker


Daughter of James Banks (Banks family photo).  Born circa 2 Nov 1875, Died 15 Jan 1943.  Married William Trammell Walker 27 Jan 1895. Both are buried in the Murray/Estes Cemetery, Nicholson, Jackson County.  Submitted by Ken Wilder.

Photo of young man, ca 1890

Lucius A. House

Son of John Harris House and Eliza Collins.  Born 7 Nov 1869, died 13 Nov 1930.  Married Lell Smith 12 Dec 1897.  The photo is undated, but was probably taken circa 1890. Submitted by Cheryl Chasin.

William Elbert Hill and Hattie Susan House


This picture is undated, but was probably taken on the occasion of their marriage, 20 Dec 1877. Submitted by Cheryl Chasin.