1940 Census Enumeration Districts

If you can’t find someone in the census index, this table may help you locate them in a page-by-page search. This is a much easier process if you know the enumeration district where they were located. The table below shows the 1930 and 1940 enumeration districts for Jackson County, organized by militia district.

1930 E. D.1940 E. D.Description
79-178-1Militia District 242, Red Stone
Militia District 245, Jefferson
79-278-2Arcade city
79-378-3Jefferson City
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79-4 pt78-4AThat part of M.D. 245 north of the Gainesville Midland Railroad and Jefferson city limits outside Jefferson city
79-4pt78-4BThat part of M.D. 245 south of Jefferson city limits and east of the Gainesville Midland Railroad outside Arcade and Jefferson cities
79-4 pt78-5That part of M.D. 245 south and west of the Gainesville Midland Railroad, outside Arcade and Jefferson cities
79-578-6Militia District 248, Randolph
Militia District 253, Newtown
79-678-7Nicholson town
79-778-8That part of M.D. 253 outside Nicholson town
Militia District 255, Minish
79-8 pt78-9Commerce city Ward 1, bounded by city limits, city limits, State - Central Ave., and Southern Railroad
79-8 pt78-10AThat part of Commerce city Ward 2 bounded by State, city limits, Rice, and S. Broad
79-8 pt78-10BThat part of Commerce city Ward 2 bounded by Rice, city limits, city limits, and S. Broad
79-8 pt78-11Commerce city Ward 3, bounded by Central Ave., Southern Railroad, city limits, and city limits
79-8 pt78-12Commerce city Ward 4, bounded by city limits, Southern Railroad, Central Ave., and city limits
79-978-13That part of M.D. 255 outside Commerce city and northeast of the Southern Railroad
79-1078-14That part of M.D. 255 outside Commerce city and southwest of the Southern Railroad
79-1178-15Militia District 257, Harrisburg

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Militia District 428, Cunningham
79-1278-16Pendergrass town
79-1378-17That part of M.D. 426 outside Pendergrass town
79-1478-18Militia District 455, Miller
Militia District 465, Wilson
79-1578-19That part of Maysville town in M.D. 465 Wilson

Remainder of Maysville town is in M.D. 465, Banks County
79-1678-20That part of M.D. 465 outside Maysville town
Militia District 1407, Hoschton
79-1778-21Hoschton town
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79-1878-22That part of M.D. 1407 outside Hoschton town
Militia District 1691, Talmo
79-1978-23Talmo town
79-2078-24That part of M.D. 1691 outside Talmo town
Militia District 1704, Center
79-2178-25Center town
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79-2278-26That part of M.D. 1704 outside Center town
79-2378-27Militia District 1747, Attica
Militia District 1765, Porter
79-2478-26Braselton town
79-2578-27That part of M.D. 1765 outside Braselton town