Bennett-Hood Cemetery

Surveyed April 27, 2005 by Dawn Watson

Directions: from the corner of Jefferson Road and S. Elm Street in downtown Commerce, take Jefferson Road toward Jefferson. Turn left onto Ashland Drive. The cemetery is at the corner of Jefferson Road and Ashland Drive.

Note: grave sites 01, 02, 03, and 04 were surrounded by a low brick wall. The other grave sites are behind that area and in the woods. There is a thick ground cover of vinca in that area, making it almost impossible to tell where all the grave sites were; I could easily have overlooked one or more graves.


   08 07 06

01 02 03 04

Mary A. F. wife of W. C. Hood  Born Apr. 12, 1844  Died July 19, 
1898  Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection.; footstone: 
M. A. F. H.

W. C. Hood  Mar. 3, 1838  May 20, 1922; footstone: Capt. W. C. Hood
Co. H  Cobb Legion  Army of Northern VA CSA  Mar. 3, 1838  May 20, 

In memory of Sarah A. Hood wife of W. C. Hood  Born June 28 [rest
of stone indiscernible]

Tombstone turned over

In memory of Amelia A. Bennett wife of H. A. Bennett  Born May 
[14?], 1829  Died Oct. 16, 1858  [inscription faded]