Marriages, by Bride

A previous county coordinator provided these records, and added additional information from the census.  This list is not complete.

Adams, Nelly to Hugh L. Bell

Addington, Martha to C.D. Bellow

Albert, Polly & Benjamin Griffith, license issued 19 Apr 1811, “Executed 19th day of April 1811 Middleton Brooks J.P.

Alexander, Jane & Jerry Ritch, married 13th Dec 1855 by Henry Newton V.D.M.

Alexander, Susan to Paschal Cody, license issued 18th March 1843, married 19th March 1843 by P.F. Hinton J.P.

Allen, Elizabeth & Robert Smithwick, license issued 11th June 1814, Executed the within the 24th Nov 1814, Jos. Little JP

Anderson, Elizabeth to Safon Anderson

Anglin, Catharine to James Collins, license issued 24th May 1845, married 25 May 1845 by Abner Wills J.P.

Anglin, Matilda to Ira Jarrett, license issued 7 Nov 1833, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly joined in Matrimony by me this 7th day of Nov 1833, M.A. Brooks JP

Anthony, Hester to William C. Cheek, license issued 16th Jan 1843, married 16 Jan 1843 by Waid Anthony

Anthony, Mary & Thomas Smith, license issued 19th Jan 1843, married 25 Jan 1843 by Waid Anthony J.P.

Anthony, Nancy to James H. Barr, license issued 12th Sept 1830, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 16th day of September 1830, French Haggard JP

Appleby, Martha to John D. Barnett

Arnold, Eliz. to Tom E. Betts

Bailey, Louisa to Elisha Bailey

Bailey, Sarah & Jesse White, license issued 24th May 1843, married 25th May 1843 by Abner Wills J.P.

Bailey, Tampey to Wm. Blalock

Barber, Eliz to Harvey A. Archer

Barr, Nancy to Thos. Bennett, license issued 18th Augt 1826, the within executed by me? 24th August 1826 T. Higgins?

Barron, Elizabeth & Thomas P. Park, license issued 11th Dec 1844, married 12 Dec 1844 by Abner Wills J.P.

Batchellor, Eliza to Albert G. Bailey

Bell, Elizabeth & Charles Christian, license issued 13th Decr 1813, Executed the within Decr the 19th 1813, John Glenn JP

Bell, Jane to David L. Archer

Bell, Jane to Harry A. Archer

Bell, Louisa to Andrew Adams

Bennett, Lucinda to Wm. Baugh

Bennett, Rosanna to Thos. Brooks

Berton, Samirah to David Brooks, license issued 20 Feb 1839, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above parties were Duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 21st of Feb 1839, C. Catten? JP

Betts, Dorinda & Randolph Wills, license issued 10th Sept 1845, married 11th Sept 1845 by Robert Stripling

Betts, Issabel & Redman Hutchens, license issued 26th Augt 1806, “Solemnized by me the 28th August 1806 Agrippa Atkinson J.P.”

Betts, Sally to Jno. Bradberry

Blankenship, Nancy to James Baird

Blanks, Aley & Moses Wafford, 1st Jany 1822

Booth, Susan to Wm. B. Bowlin

Borders, Ruth to Alex Bachellor

Boring, Susannah to ___ Adams, license issued 5th Dec 1806, Executed the 7th day of Dec 1806 by me Robt. Johnston JP

Bowen, Almina & Jessey Blackwell, license issued 13th March 1846, married 17th March 1846 by John E. Reeves

Bowen, Eliza to Samuel Baker

Bowin, Thirza A. to Caleb P. Bowin, license issued 29th April 1848, Georgia Jackson Couny, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me 30th April 1848, Bedford Langford M.G.

Boyd, Sarah & Andrew McKever, license issued 15th Nov 1844, married 15th Nov 1844 by J.B. Lowery J.P.

Bradford, Nancy & Henry Justus, license issued 3d Nov 1813, Executed the within, D.H. McCleskey JJC

Bradshaw, Frances to John Anglin

Braselton, Sally to Hugh L. Bell

Brazeal?, Malinda to W.D. Carithers

Briant, Sophia O. (or P.?) & Joseph K.? Harrison, license issued 16th Jany 1844, married 17th Jany 1844

Brogdale, Elizabeth to Wiley E. Bell

Brooks, Olivia & James O. Thurmond, license issued 2 June 1869, married 6th June 1869 by J.A. Farabee

Brooks, Sarah & Calvin Long, license issued 27 Sept 1845, married 28th Sept 1845 by Alford Brooks J.P.

Brooks, Sullancy to James Bell, license issued 19th Dec 1842, married 23rd Dec 1842 by A.W. Bell J.P.

Brown, Lucy to F.C. Bowles

Brown, Peggy to Alonzo Bailey

Browning, Belinda & John C. Smith, license issued 25th Nov 1814, Solemnized this 27th Nov 1814, Thos Hughes

Brumbelow, Lidda to Thos. Bishop

Bruston, Peggy to Isaac Austin

Burton, Patsy & Merrel Collier, license issued 12th Sept 1807, “Executed the 22nd Sept 1807 James Thurmond J.P.”

Butler, Virginia to G.T. Bennett

Cane, Maryan to Ransom Boswell, license issued 12 Jany 1843, married 12 Jan 1843 by James Hargraves

Callahan, Cynthia to John Bearden

Camp, Elizabeth to Doct.? S.A. Borders, license issued 28 Jany 1840, Georgia Jackson County, I do certify that the above named parties was Joined in matrimony By me the 28 of January 1840, John W. Kennedy?

Camp, Malisa & Henry T. Peeples, license issued 19th Jany 1843, married 19th Jany 1843 by John Pendergrass J.P.

Camp, Nancy to John Brown

Camp, Polly to J.R. Atkins

Carlile, Casenda to Uriah Chestnutt

Carrel, Julia & Wiley Glover, license issued 10th July 1813, Executed the within the 13th July 1813, Wm Christian JP

Carter, Frances to D.M. Anthony

Carter, Jeney to David Baugh

Cash, Julia to M.A. Boggs

Chamblee, Lorina? to Henry Blake

Chandler, Elizabeth F.P. & Truman H. Smith, license issued 25th Jan 1843, married 26 Jan 1843 by R.A. Johnson J.P.

Chandler, Emmaline to Willis Baber

Chandler, Jincy & Lewis Clark, license issued 4th August 1822, “Executed the within 6th August 1822 W.L. Bryant JP”

Chandler, Sarah to Thos. Arnold

Chapman, Tempy to Thos Autry

Chison, Mary to P.J. Borders

Christmas, Peggy to Jas. Averett

Clements, Elizabeth & Samuel Hamilton, license issued 29th Jany 1813, Executed 31st Jany 1813, Benj. Watts JP

Cofer, Lucinda & Gabriel Jackson, license issued 18th April 1844, married 18th April 1844

Coleman, Lucy to James A. Brock

Cook, Eliza C. to William Bradford, license issued 7th Augt 1822, “The Within was executed by me this 7th August 1822 Thos. C. Barron JP”

Cooly, Danleska & Isam B. Allen, license issued 3 Feb 1857, married 3 Feb 1857 by N.H. Pendergrass J.P.

Crisler, Julia A. & M.D. Mix, license issued 4th Sept 1856, married 4th Sept 1856 by H.A. Bennett J.P.

Crocket, Elizabeth to Jno. Bryant

Crumby, Abra? to John Davis, license issued 4th Sept 1811, Executed September 8th 1811, Michael Dickson JP

Cruse, Nancy to Harrison Anthony

Cunningham, Polly to W.C.C. Bacon

Cunningham, S.A. to A.F. Allen

Cureton, Polly & Clinton Joyce, license issued 31st March 1807, “Executed the within March the 31st 1807 Jonathan Hearn JP”

David, Delona W. to M.P. Alexander

David, Mary I.? & Richard Neal, married 13th Nov 1842 by ? F. Burgess M.G.

Davis, Clary P. to W.I. Baugh

Davis, Elizabeth & Nathaniel J.W. Perry, license issued 8th Jan 1822, “Executed 8th day of January 1822 by me Thomas Niblack J.P.”

Davis, L.M. to H.C. Appleby

Davis, Peggy to Willis Anthony

Davis, Sarah to Anderson Bowles

Dawson, Elizabeth to M.H. Bray

Dean, Polly & Solomon Gilmore, license issued 11th Nov 1806, “Solemnized by me this 13th day of November 1806 Agrippa Atkinson J.P.”

Deaton (or Denton?), Elizabeth A. & Crawford Powell, license issued 5th Dec 1856, married 5th Dec 1856 by John Saniester J.P.

Dedrick, Betsy & William Johnson, 6th Jany 1807

Dilleshaw, Ellinor & Joshua Dilleshaw, license issued 16th Jan 1857, married 27th Jan 1857 by John Saniester J.P.

Dilleshaw, Elizabeth & Joseph Dilleshaw, license issued 6th Jan 1857, married 8th Jan 1857 by John Saniester J.P.

Dooley Polly to Barnabus Barron

Doss, Amelia to T.C. Barber

Doss, Milley & Archibald Nicholds, license issued 5th June 1814, Executed 5th June 1814 by Medley? White MG

Duke, Eliza C. to George F. Adams, license issued 8th Decr 1830, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in matrimony 8th Decr 1830 by S. Ripley JJC

Eades, Nancy Ann to Anderson Bowles, license issued 30th March 1833, Solemnized by me this 21st day of March 1833, Jas Millican JP

Eddy, Cynthia & William H. Terrill, license issued 18 Apr 1811, married ? Apr 1811 by John Doss M.G.

Edin, Cynthia to Wm Alvelsey?

Elley, Mary to Joseph Baggs

Ellis, Jed? to Solomon Browning

Embry, Sarah to David Anthony

Erwin, Elizabeth & James Martin, license issued 17th July 1820, “Executed the above 17th July 1820 Jno. Young J.P.”

Finch, Martha to George Boyce

Finch, Nancy to R.H. Chesly

Flanigan, Elizabeth J. & Abner M. Reynolds, license issued 28? Aug 1845, married 31 Aug 1845

Flanigan, Sarah to Joseph Boice

Fordson, Sally to John Brown

Fowler, Amanda to Wm Boyd

Fowler, Matilda to Quincy Boring

Freeman, Ann to J.H. Bailey

Freeman, Elizabeth to James Bryant, 29th June 1825

Freeman, Martha to Thomas J. Humphries, license issued 22nd Decr 1833, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 24th day of December 1833, Smith Crandle

Freeman, Nancy to S. Bonds

Fuller, Susanna to Joseph Banks

Garner, Elizabeth & James Morgan, license issued 25th Feby 1846, married ? Feb 1846 by Josiah Human M.G.

Garrett, Milley & James Smith, 24th Jany 1807

Gathrite, Sary Jane & Archabel B. Pittman, license issued 31 Oct 1842, married 3rd? Nov 1842 by Robert Moon J.P.

George, Susannah & William Shaw, 15th July 1822

Gidden, Pricilla & Jacob M. Brooks, license issued 18th March 1844, married 21 March 1844 by Andrew M. Henderson J.P.

Glass, Rhoda & Jones Bishop, license issued 20th Dec 1812, Executed the within Dec 20th 1812, John McConnell JP

Glenn, Mary & Elisha Thurmond, license issued 29th August 1846, married 30th August 1846 by William Bell J.P.

Glenn, Virginia to Joseph Barnett

Gober, Ann to J.P. Bird

Graves, Sally to Thos. Banks, license issued 24th Oct 1807, Executed by me Jas Le? JP this 25th of Oct 1807

Green, Chaney to James Ammons, license issued 31st Jany 1833, Solemnized by me this 31st day of Jany 1833 James Millican JP.

Green, Mary Ann to Stephen Bryant

Greenway, Susanna to Mitchel Baugh

Griggs, Rachel to Andrew Autry

Hall, Jane & George M. Gresham, license issued 23d Oct 1814, This is to certify that on the 27th of Oct I executed the within License, Edward Pharr

Hall, Lithy Ann to Thomas Kinney, license issued 19th Feb 1834, Georgia Jackson County – I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 20th Feb 1834 Asa Varnum JP

Hall, Mary & James A. Skelton, license issued 7th Dec 1856, married 14th Dec 1856 by John Saniester? J.P.

Hancock, Ann to Josiah Crawford

Hancock, Patsy to Jas Anglin

Hanson, Aley to ? Aldridge

Hardy, A. to Stephen Bishop

Hardy, Mary A. to Sherod T. Bailey, license issued 1st Sept 1855, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me 3rd of Sep 1855, W.A. Worsham JP

Hargrove, Cynthia to John F. Gober, 23rd Jan 1829

Harris, Polly & David Tuttle, license issued 11th Jany 1809, “The within License was executed Jany 12th 1809 by me Thos. Johnson M.G.”

Harrison, Sarah D. to Thomas L. Brown, license issued 11th Aug 1847, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above parties were duly Joined in matrimony by me this 11th August 1847, J.B. Huberz? JP

Harry, ?hea? & ? Jones Jr., issued 27 Oct 1806, executed by me Nov 2nd 1806, George Cowan JJC

Harvell, Jane & Miles Gilliland, license issued 2 Aug 1843, married 3 Aug 1843 by James B. Neighbors J.P.

Hastell, Nancy & ? Pepper (corner torn), license issued 23d Sept. 1812, Executed 23d Sept 1812 by me Jos. Camp JP

Hay, Eliza to Alfred Brooks

Hays, Virginia to Absolum Black

Henderson, Elizabeth to Wm. Baugh

Henderson, Hannah & Hiram Hodges, license issued 20th Dec 1806, “Executed the within December the 23rd 1806 James Hendrix J.J.C.”

Hendrix, Arminta to Wm. Boswell

Higgins, Susanna to James Blackstock

Hill, Nancy to Jacob Autry

Hogan, Martha to Joshua Baugh

Holley, Patsy & Michael Carney, license issued 19th? March 1807, “This is to certify that the within named Michael Carney & Patsy Holly was married on the day & date within mentioned Given under my hand this 20? March 1807 James Thurmond JP”

Holmes, Jenny and Bennet Ware, issued 6 Oct 1806, executed by me on the 9th day of October 1806 Wm. Montgomery

Holt, Hannah & David S. White, license issued 16th Augt 1806, “This is to certify the within was Executed the 22 day of August 1806 Bartlett Walker J.P.

Honor?, Patsy to Jarrett Bass

Hood, Alena to S.G. Benton

Horton, Elizabeth to James M. Appleby, license issued 30 Sept. 1839, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me the 30th Sept 1839, James B. Dougherty JP

Horton, Elizabeth to James W. Brinton, license issued 15th Dec 1822, Executed the within license this 16th Dec 1822, Thos Niblock JP

Horton, Patsy to Washington Allen

Howard, M.C. & G.V. Braselton, license issued 29th Nov 1845, married 29th Nov 1845

Howden, Patsy to Jno. Barton

Hunt, Elizabeth & Joseph Chandler, 28th Dec 1821

Hunter, Martha to Thos. Bennett

Hutson, Caroline & William P. Tolbert, license issued 5th March 1844, married 6th March 1844 by Robert Espy J.J.C.

Hutson, Delila to William Carlyle

Hutson, Lonsea (Louisa?) to Thos G. Allen

Hutson, Sally to Beverly Allen

Ivey, Patsy to Wm. Bohannon

Ivy, M.J. & I.J. Brown, license issued 13 March 1869, married 14th March 1869 by H.J. Human J.P.

Jackson, Elizabeth & R? Pugh, issued 20? Jun 1806, executed ? July 1806 by Elisha Win?

Jackson, Patsy & Joseph Watson, license issued 4th Dec 1813, Executed Dec 6th? 1813 by me Meady Whe?

Jackson, Sary to George Bragdon

Jackson, Susan to H.S. Bradley

Jarrett, Elizabeth to Albert Adams, license issued 17th Feb 1855, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony 17th Feb 1855, Wiley C. Smith M.G.

Jarrett, Elizabeth & ? Hughes, license issued 24 Dec 1805, solemnized 25 Dec 1805 by James McCleskey

Jarrett, Frances A. & John M. Williamson, license issued 9th Jan 1856, married 10th Jan 1856 by Henry Newton V.D.M.

Jarrett, Martha A. to Mathew W. Anglin, license issued 3d Oct 1852, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me 3rd Oct 1852, G.D. Park JP

Jarrett, Mary to James Bentley, license issued 29th Augt 1827, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that James Bentley & Mary Jarrett were duly Joined in matrimony by me this 31st August 1827, Wm Cowan JP

Jenson, Elizabeth & John B. Lyle, license issued 7th Dec 1844, married 28th Dec 1844 by P.T. Hinton J.P.

Johnson, Jane to Jos. Bell

Johnson, Nancy to Michael Borders

Johnston, Elizabeth & Robert Milican, license issued 30th Jan 1843, married 31st January 1843 by James Langston J.P.

Jones, Rebecca & Sampson Harris, license issued 15th Jany 1807, “Solemnized by me January 1807 William ?

Jones, Sarah to John Bradgood?

Jordan, A. to Angel? Beardon

Justus, Elizabeth & Elija M. Durham, license issued 2 Oct 1842, married 6th Oct 1842 by N.T. Jarrett

Justus, Keziah & John McCutchen, license issued 8th July 1814, Executed the within D.H. McCutchen?

Kelly, Peggy & Burwell Hutchens, 1st April 1806

Kennedy, Eliza Caroline to Prosser Horton, license issued 24th April 1833, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 24th April 1833, Jacob Braselton JP

Kennedy, Elizabeth & Hosea Camp, 11th July 1806

Kennedy, Martha to Lafayette Bell

Kennon, Clarissa & John C. Reid, license issued 5th Jany 1813, Solemnized by me this 6th January 1813, A.M. White JP

Key?, Allis Jane to W.A. Borders

Key, Patsey & Bradley Thomas, issued 25 Jan 1806, solemnized by James Rogers M. G. 25 Jan 1806

Key, Sally to Wm Bailey

Kimbrel, Y.M. to Robert M. Clark

King, Malinda to Middleton Bell, license issued 31st Decr 1833, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 31st Decr 1833, Jacob Braselton JP

Kinney, Betsy to John Blankenship

Kinney, Sarah & James Smith, license issued 16th Sept 1856, married 16th Sept 1856 by William Bell J.P.

Kirbo, Vary to John B. Braselton

Landrum, Elizabeth to Josiah Bosworth

Langford, Elizabeth & Humphrey Wales, issued 16 Dec 1805

Langley, Eliz to Wm Amos

Langley, Sarah & Abner Philips?, license issued 21 Dec 1843, married 21 Dec 1843 by John B. Lowery J.P.

Langston, Mary to Kindred? Blackstock

Lavender, Elizabeth & Leander T. Wills, license issued 24th June 1846, married 25th June 1846 by William Bell

Lindsey, Cynthy Ann & Mitchell Baugh, license issued 26th June 1822, “The Intermarriage Solemnized on the 27th June 1822 D? Duncan JP”

Lord, Eliz to Ezekial Anthony

Lyle, Aseanath & William Seymore, license issued 27th Dec 1844, married 27th Dec 1844

Lyle, Elizabeth to Andrew J. Arnold, license issued 11 May 1854, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me 14th? May 1856

Lyle, Jenie to W.P. Carter

Lyles, Nancy & Solomon Townsend, 16th Apr 1806

McCarty, R.J. to T.W. Benton

McCleskey, Margarett L. to Garrett D. Park, license issued 22nd July 1834, Georgia Jackson County – I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 24 July 1834 R. McAlpin

McConnel, Peggy to Alex Boyd

McCord, Elizabeth to Joseph Adare

McCullough, Mary to Wm. A. Barran

McCullough, Ridley A. to John Alexander, license issued 10th Dec 1855, married 18th Decr 1855 by Henry Burton V.D.M.

McDonald, Jane to Joseph Barnett

McEver, Mary to C.C. Bell

McGuire, Mary to Adolphus Brooks

McKensey, Mamilla to Robert Allen

McKiney, Polly Ann & James Ellison, license issued 16th Jan 1845, married 16th Jan 1845 by Andrew N. Henderson

McMullen, Elizabeth to Amos Braselton

McWilliams, Sarah to James M. Allen

Maddox, Emaline C. & Elijah Murphey, license issued 22nd Nov 1856, married 23rd Nov 1856 by John Saniester? J.P.

Maddox, Sally to Wm. Blake, license issued 9th April 1807, “the within License was duly executed the 12th of April 1807 by me Jos. ? JP”

Maginnis, Maryan M. & Isaack B. Maginnis, license issued 7th July 1845, married 13 July 1845 by Benjamin Brown M.G.

Mangrum, Sarah & George W. Tanner, license issued 18th Nov 1845, married 20th Nov 1845 by Alford Brooks J.P.

Martain (Martin?), Rutha & Isaac M. Coleman, license issued 13 Dec 1841, married 14 Dec 1841 by Hinton Crawford M. Gospel

Matthews, Nancy to John Benton

Miller, Nancy to W.A. Bennett

Mills, Malinda to Sam Brooks

Milsap, Priscilla & Robert B. Moore, license issued 9th May 1844, married 9th May 1844 by ? Milsaps J.J.C.

Milsaps, Mary & Edmund Smith, license issued 5th Aug 1844, married 8th Aug 1844 by R.A. Johnston J.P.

Minard, Tabitha to Joseph Boley?

Mitchell, Margaret to H.H. Anglin

Moon, Caroline & Moon, Anderson, license issued 17th Feby 1870, married 24 Feby 1870 by A.P. Cagle J.P.

Moon, Polly to Stephen Borders

Moore, Ann to Henry D. Anglin

Moore, Sarah to Jno. A. Beard

Morgan, Sarah S. & A.T. Bennett, license issued 4th Nov 1856, married 5th Dec 1856 by A.B. Pittman

Morris, Nancy & Richard Marshal Jones, license issued 23d Jany 1813, Executed 28th Jany 1813 By Benj. Watts JP

Morrison, Eliz. to Alexander Bacon

Murphy, Elizabeth A.M. & William Pearce, license issued 28th Dec 1821, “The within Bond Matrimony was Executed on the 30th of Decr 1821 Wm Bell J.P.”

Murphy, Mary to Moses Clark

Myers, Nancy & Isaac Roberts, license issued 18th Sept. 1812, Solemnized on the 1st day of October 1812, Wm Cobb JP

Nelson, Sarah to Wm. Berry

Niblack, Maryan & John W. Randolph, license issued 6th Oct 1844, married 6th Oct 1844 by J.B. Lowery J.P.

Nix, Betsy to Albun? Bailey

Nixon, P. to Stephen Betts

Norman, Mary to Thos. Benton

Oldham, Permela to Jessy Bennett (no date , but below a marriage on 10th Nov 1829)

Oliver, Susanna to William Allen

Osborn, Louisa to Robert Couch

Osborn, Pricey & William Widner, license issued 12th March 1845, married 13th March 1845 by John G. Vanse J.P.

Osborn, Rebecca to Anthony Baggett

Osborn, Rebecca to Rob Brown

Otwell, Sally to Thos. Brown, license issued June 16th 1806, Executed this 19th? day of June 1806, Elisha Winn JP

Palmer, Bathsheba & David Bradford, license issued 12th May 1813, Executed May the 13th 1813, D.H. McCleskey JJC

Pane, Mary Ann & Ransom Roswell, license issued 12 Jany 1843, married 12th January 1845 by James Hargraves

Park, Elizabeth to Samuel Park, license issued 24th Dec 1833, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 24th day of December 1833, Sterling Mayes JP

Pate, Lucinda A. & ? A. Echols, license issued 5th Jan? 1844, married 9th Jan 1844

Patrick, Ally to Cornelius? Atkinson

Patrick, Jane to H.D. Archer

Pearce, Elizabeth S. & John W. Marlow, license issued 11th Aug 1868, married 13 Aug 1869 by H.J. Human J.P.

Peek, Ruth & George Oliver, license issued 12th Sept 1807, “Executed by me this 17th Sept 1807 Geo. Cowan J.N.?

Pepper, Eliza & John Pepper, license issued 27th Sept 1845, married 28th Sept 1845 by Tilman McDaniel J.P.

Perison, Ann & Henry L. Coon, license issued 7th Sept 1812, Executed the within on the 20th Sept. 1812, Jas Smith JP

Perryson, Mary to S.R. Anderson

Pettijohn, Nancy to Henderson Anglin

Pinson, Sarah & James R. Michel, license issued Jany 1844, married 7th Jany 1844 (or 8th? – 7 and 8 on top of each other) by Thomas J. Morrison J.P.

Polk, Frances & John E. Bradley, license issued 24th Oct 1844, married 27th Oct 1844 by Reuben Sewart J.P.

Polk, Viney to Nathaniel Aker

Posey, Casey to ____ Adams

Potter, Nancy to Titus G. Allen

Potts, Angeline to Tom Barnett

Potts, Cintha & William P. Pittman, license issued 7th Dec 1845, married 7th Dec 1845 by Abner Wills J.P.

Potts, Elizabeth C. Potts & William P. Culberson, license issued 5th Jan 1857, married 6th Jan 1857 by Thomas S. Stapler J.P.

Potts, Polly A. to Wm Anderson, license issued 17 Dec 1831, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in matrimony on the 17 Dec 1831 By J.M. Glenn M.G.

Price, Elizabeth to Isaac Betts

Price, Sarah to James Blank

Proctor, Susannah & Abraham Pennington, license issued 27th Dec 1806, “Executed & returned th 12th day of february 1807 by me Wm. ? Robey J.P.

Ragsdale, Jane A. & James A. Langston, license issued 23 Nov 1844, married 26 Nov 1845? by Waid Anthony J.P.

Randolph, Mary A. & Augustus C. Thompson, license issued 31st Octr 1850, “Georgia Jackson County I certify that the above named Parties were Duly Joined in Matrimony by me 1st Novr 1850 B.N. Overby MG”

Randolph, Nancy to W.T. Brown

Randolph, Sarah A. & Oliver H.P. Pettyjohn, license issued 26th Feb 1850, “Georgia Jackson County I certify that the above named Parties were Duly Joined in Matrimony by me 25th Feb 1850 Clark Catlett JP”

Rasberry?, Manning to Jno. Armistead

Redwine, Melinda to James Jarrett, license issued 15th Jun 1835, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 15th day of June in 1835, Sterlng Mays

Reeves, Jane to James B. Anglin

Riddling, Catharine to John Brook

Right, Rochey & Thomas V. Bennett, license issued 6th Feby 1845, married 6th Feby 1845 by Waid Anthony J.P.

Roberts, Margaret to Job Bird

Roberts, Martha to Andrew Bridges

Robertson, Elizabeth to Needham Boon, license issued 21 Nov 1806, Solemnized by me the ? of Nov 1806 William ? JP

Robinson, Sarah to Jno. H. Aderhold

Ross, Mulvina & Elija Shaw, license issued 5th Dec 1843, married 5th Dec 1843 by P.F. Hinton J.P.

Ross, Sally & James Clark, 12th Jany 1807

Ryerson, Lav.? to James N. Alexander, 27th Nov 1847

Sailors, Miram & Will Martain (Martin?), license issued 24th Feby 1845, married 25th Feby 1845 by Benjamin Brown M.G.

Sanders, Margaret to G. Brown

Saunders, Eliz. to Stephen Ball

Scott, Mary to J.F. Adair

Self, Rebeca & Jacob Crow, license issued 16th Augt 1813, I certify that I solemnized the within on the 17th Inst?, Wm Cobb JP

Sepleigh, Polly & Thomas Street, license issued 20th Dec 1814, The within was executed Dec 22d 1814, Jas Rogers

Seymoure, Malinda & William C. Lyle, license issued 15 Jan 1844, married 18th January 1844 by J.B. Lowery J.P.

Shambley?, Rebecca to Wm. J. Bell, license issued 12th Jan 1854, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me 15th Jan 1854, John ? JP

Shaw, Arabella to Harrison Chandler

Shaw, Purmelia & Francis G. Segars, license issued 15th Oct 1842, married 20th Oct 1842 by P.T. Hinton J.P.

Shields, Elizabeth to Joshua Cumens

Shockley, Mary & Powel R. Kinningham, license issued 28th July 1822, “Executed the within this 2nd July 1822 John B. ?”

Simpkins, Anna to Robt. Bairman

Simpson, Julia A. & C.P. Lankaster, license issued 7th Aug 1869, married 12th Aug 1869 by F.H. Attaway M.G.

Sisson, Harriet to Thos. Batchellor

Skelton, Kesiah & Levi W. Hall, license issued 18th Dec 1844, married 22nd Dec 1844 by J.B. Lowery J.P. (There is a Levi Hall age 35 born SC and Kisiah Hall age 33 Born GA in the 1850 census in Pickens Co., GA, page 978 – children William J. 12, Joel J. 6, John? L. 5, and Sarah E. 2)

Smith, Aberilla & Whitson Jarrett, license issued 1 March 1842, married 1st March 1842 by Thomas S. S? J.P.

Smith, Dotia to Joseph Barron

Smith, Elizabeth to Anderson Bowls

Smith, Elizabeth & John Wilcher, 19th Jany 1807

Smith, Frances to Josiah Bradley

Smith, Mary to W.T. Anglin

Smith, Mary to J.P. Astinghew

Smith, Willis to Tapley Bennett

Snow, Nancy & Isaac Night, license issued 6th Oct 1812, Executed 10th Oct 1812 by me, Jos. Camp

St. John, Mary to Jesse J. Bennett

Stephens, Mary & Henry Duke, license issued 29th Dec 1806, “the within license executed the 1st day of January 1811 B.U. Walker J.P.

Stewart, Josean to David J. Anglin, license issued 5 June 1844, married 30 June 1844 by William Bell J.P.

Stewart, Mary to C.D.W. Anglin

Stockton, Elizabeth to Joseph Blair

Stone, Betsy to Wm Adams, license issued 19 Apr 1811, “Executed the 21st of April 1811 W.H. Baron?

Storey, Sarah F. to Middleton Brookes

Stovall, Hariett & John M. Jackson, license issued 1 Sept 1843, married 3 Sept 1843 by P.B. ? J.P.

Strawbridge, Eliz. to Wm Archer

Strawn, Eliz. to Jno. Austin

Strickland, Frances to Wm Bailey

Terrabee, Pernicy & Sandford R. Street, license issued 8th Jany 1844, married 9th? Jany 1844 by James Hargraves M.G.

Thompson, Corneline? to Jas. Bailey

Thompson, Polly to Wm Amati

Thompson, Polly to Joseph Baker

Thurmond, Cintha to Joseph Boggs, license issued 13 Jan 1842, married 15 Jan 1842 by William Bell

Thurmond, Martha to T.J. Boothe

Thurmond, Nancy & Jackson Dixon, license issued 3 Jany 1843, married 5th Jan 1843 by Thomas S.? Shepherd J.P.

Thurmond, P.E. to Martin Anthony

Thurmond, Sarah & John W. Reidling, license issued 29th Oct. 1856, married 2nd Nov 1856 by A.B. Pittman J.J.C.

Titer, Mary to John Colthrope

Todd, Frances to Henry Appleby, license issued 20th Jany 1820, Executed the within this 20th January 1820, Thos. Niblock JP

Tyner, Martha to James Anglin, license issued 2nd? May 1806

Varnum, Mary Ann to William Bell, license issued 10th Sept. 1833, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me this 12th day of Sept. 1833, John I. Cheatham JP

Venable, Martha to Jas. Bates

Venson, Cynthia to James Allen, issued 2nd April 1832, Executed on the 12th April 1832 By M.A. Brooks JP

Voiles, A. to H.J. Brook

Walker, Mary to Lewis? Adams

Walker, Mary to Samuel Bailey, 5th Jan 1822

Wallis, Eliza to Elisha J. Bailey, 13 Oct 1835

Wallis, Jane to John Agan

Wallis, Margaret to Jno. W. Bosley

Wallis, Nelly to James Adams

Wallis, Rebecca & J.W. Swetman, license issued 9th Sept 1844, married 9th Nov 1844

Walraven, Mary to John Baugh

Ward, Cynthia & Uriah Hall, license issued 10th Decr 1814, Solemnized on this ? Decr 1814, Asa ?

Ward, Juley to James Baggs, license issued 15th Sept 1806, Executed the 17th Sept 1806, John King JP

Ward, Wiley to Jas. Boggs

Watson, Sally & Thomas Harris, license issued 14th Sept 1807, “Executed by me September 16th 1807 Elijah Pugh J.P.”

Wheeler, Cynthia J. & Dilmus C. Simpson, license issued 19 Jany 1869, married 23 Jan 1869 by F.H. Attaway M.G.

Wheeler, Mourning & Peter Whitehead, License issued 6th July 1822, “Solemnized 18th July 1822 S. Riply JP”

White, E. to D.A. Camp

White, Elizabeth to S.H. Borders

White, L.J. to L.Y. Bradberry

Whitmire, Angeline to Joseph Barber

Whitmire, Martha & William H. Kinningham, license issued 12th Nov 1843, married 12th Nov 1843 by John B. Lowery J.P.

Whorton, Anna to John Blackstock

Wilborn?, Alley to Allen Cook

Wilhite, Elizabeth & R.C.? Daniel, license issued 25th Sept 1844, married 26th Sept 1844 by J.B. Nabrs? J.P.

Wilhite, Jane to E. Barber

Williams, Nancy to Gideon Bohannon

Williams, Sally to Michael Bingham

Williams, Sarah M. & James M. Allen, license issued 16 Jan 1843, married 17 Jan 1843 by John B. Lowery J.P.

Williamson, Martha P. & Willis Putman, license issued 7th Feb 1844, married 7th Feb 1844 by B. Lowery J.P.

Williamson, Sara to Milby? Bailey

Willson, Martha & James Haggard, license issued 25th March 1843, married 30 March 1843 by Waid Anthony J.P.

Wilson, Martha to John Wheeler, license issued 29th Nov 1826, The within Executed by me this 30th Nov 1826, French Haggard JP

Wilson, Mary Ann & Jasper F. Catlett, license issued 12th July 1845, married 13th July 1845 by J.F. Kidd J.P.

Wilson, Morgan Ann to Jasper Floyd Catlett

Wilson, Polly to Esom Brooks, license issued 29th Nov 1826, The within executed by me this 30th day of Nov 1826, French Haggard JP

Wilson, Rebecca to Jackson Bell

Wilson, Virginia to John W. Anthony, license issued 13th Feb 1855, Georgia Jackson County, I certify that the above named parties were duly Joined in Matrimony by me 14th Feb 1855, Hosea A. Burnett? JP

Winburn, Sarah to W.W. Barrett

Windrum, Abby to Pendleton Carter

Winn, Bailey & Thomas Dalton, license issued 18th Dec 1842, married 18th Dec 1842

Winn, Mary C. to Mark Camp

Winton, Agnes to Elijah Borders

Woford, Julyan & James M. Doss, license issued 24th Dec 1844, married 25th Dec 1844 by J.B. Lowery J.P.

Wofford, Martha to Ison Allen

Wofford, Mary Ann & John F. Wofford, license issued 30th Sept 1856, married 30th Sept 1856 by A.C. Shockley J.P.

Wood, Sally & John Stuart, license issued 17th March 1813, Solemnized 20th? March 1813

Yeargan, Nancy J. & Enoch Wood, license issued 20th Decr 1856, married 20th Decr 1856 by Daniel Wheeler J.P.

Young, Delpha & Sherwood Dean, license issued 7th Nov 1806, “Solemnized by me this 12th day of November 1806 Arnold Atkins J.P.”