Solomon Saxon

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Solomon Saxon
S 31951
Solomon Saxon
of Jackson Co in the state of Georgia
who was a private in the Company commanded
by Captain Rains of the Regt commanded by Col. Litteral
in the N Carolina line for 2 years.

Inscribed on the Roll of Georgia
at the rate of 80 dollars per annum,
to commence on the 4th day of March 1831

Certificate of Pension issued the 23 day of Feby 1833
and sent to Hon. A. S. Clayton H. Repres.

Arrears to 4th of Sept 1832 $120
Semi-anl. allowance ending 4 Mar 33 $40

Revolutionary Claim
Act June 7, 1832

Recorded by Jno. Cromwell Clerk
Book D, Vol. 8, Page 144

Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress of the 7th June 1832

State of Georgia
Jackson County
On this 2 day of October personally appeared in open court before the Inferior Court sitting for Ordinary purposes now sitting Solomon Saxon a resident of the County of Jackson & state of Georgia aged 67 the 27th March 1833 who being first duly sworn according to law
doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers & served as [–?–] stated. I volunteered under Captain Rains who was commanded by General Butler of the 3rd or 4th Regiment of the Militia of North Carolina that was about the year 1780 & in the month of August we marched from Orange County Hillsborough Town to Cross Creek now Fayetteville where we received our arms.

We then received instructions to march to Drowning Creek to attack the British that was there stationed but they fled to the Charaw Hill. We then turned a[nd?] struck headquarters at Abbeds [probably Abbot’s] Creek when we were reinforced we then crossed the Adkin [probably Yadkin] at Col. Moore’s Ferry & marched on the west side of the Adkin to Charaw Hill where the British were
stationed but they again fled.

We then marched to Big Lucks[?] Creek where we joined with General Gates. We then marched to Little Luckes Creek & from that to Rugellas[?] [–?–] where we were stationed about two weeks. There was 600 men selected to storm a redout of the British not far from Camden where we had an engagement which lasted about one hour fifteen minutes. Each stood their ground resolving to renew[?]
the battle next morning at which time we joined Genl Gates brigade who took command. The engagement commenced about day light & continued till about one hour by sun when we met with a total defeat. The number that were killed I do not recollect but they were considerable among whom was Genl Dekalb & Capt Trice.

I returned home where I continued about three months, but was much afflicted a part of the time. Soon as I recovered my health I joined Col. Letteral Light Horse company & served three months under him. I got my discharge & returned home. I then held myself in readiness to go out whenever called upon. I then went & joined Governor Burks Guard for three months at Hillsborough Orange County North Carolina where we continued about two weeks. Old Fannin a Tory & Hector Wheal stoled a march upon us & killed or took every person but two who made their escape. I was one who was taken prisoner & they carried me a prisoner to the R[–?–] Swamp in North Carolina from there to Wilmington & from Wilmington to Charlestown when I continued a prisoner aboard a prison ship until the war was ended during which time my sufferings with cold & hunger was indescribable. I was prisoner about 14 months & served before I was thus taken fully 14 months. I have no documentary evidence now & there is no person living now by whom I can establish the above facts.

To the interrogatory, he answers as follows – I was born about 1765 in North Carolina Orange County. I have no record of my age. I was living in North Carolina when called into service. I have lived there & in this state ever since. I now live in Jackson County State of Georgia. I was a volunteer. I have stated above the names of the regular officers. I received a discharge signed by Lieut. Jones of the light horse it is long since destroyed. I am known to Maj. Cochran, Thos. Niblack Esqr., Jacob Brazelton, William Bill Esqr., Jesse Horton, John Randolph, James Horton. I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present. I declare that
my name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

Sworn to & subscribed the day & year aforesaid. Sworn to in open court 2 Oct 1832
Solomon Saxon

Aug. J. Brown J.I.C.
Joseph Hampton J.I.C.
Robt. Smithwick J.I.C.

We William H. Bacon a citizen & Thomas Niblack [–?–] of the County of Jackson do hereby certify that we are acquainted with Solomon Saxon who has subscribed & sworn to the above declaration. We believe him to be of the age he represents himself to be & that he is reputed & believed in the neighborhood in which he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution & that we concur in that opinion.
Sworn & subscribed
in open court 5 Nov 1832

W. H. Bacon
Thos. Niblack

Robt Smithwick J.I.C.
Aug J. Brown J.I.C.
Joseph Hampton J.I.C.

And the said court do hereby certify and declare their opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the Interrogatories prescribed by the War Department, the above applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states. And the court further certifies that, it appears to them that William H. Bacon who has signed the preceding certificate, is a citizen resident in the county of Jackson and that Thomas Niblack, who has signed the same is a resident also in the county of Jackson and is a credible person and their statement is entitled to credit. No clergyman could readily be obtained.

Aug J. Brown J.I.C.
Robt Smithwick J.I.C.
Joseph Hampton J.I.C.

[Certification by Sylvanus Ripley omitted]

State of Georgia
Jackson County
On this 14th Day of December 1857 personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace in and for said County, John S. Saxon a resident of Jackson County Georgia and of the legal heirs of Solomon Saxon, Dec’d of said County, who being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress on the 4th July 1836 and 3rd February 1853 and all other acts that goes to the benefit of the heirs of the Revolutionary soldiers. That said Solomon Saxon drew as a Revolutionary soldier at the rate of $80, per annum his life, and that he died on 8th Oct 1848. That said Solomon Saxon lived in the state of South[sic] Carolina during the war or five years but the exact length he done I do not know. The[?] officers I do not recollect ever hearing the old man saw who was his officers but I do know that he drew a pension as long as he lived. The old original certificate is lost or mislaid so I cannot get the same, also my mother Susan Saxon is dead but I do not recollect the date of her death.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
N. H. Pendergrass J. P.
John S. Saxon [signed by mark]

[Certification by John G. Pittman omitted]

Jackson County
In person appeared before me, John Lancaster, a justice of the peace in and for said county, Thomas Philips and Abner Philips who being duly sworn deposeth and saith that they assisted in [–?–] and caring of Solomon Saxon late of said county dec’d that he the said Saxon did draw a pension in his life time as a revolutionary soldier.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this December 17th 1857
John Lancaster J.P.
Thomas Philips [signed by mark]
Abner Philips [signed by mark]

[Certification by John G. Pittman omitted]

State of Georgia
Jackson County

Before me appeared Jackson Bell and J. H. Randolph who being duly sworn and sayth that they was well acquainted with
Solomon Saxon and his wife Susan Saxon. They lived together as man and wife for a good many years. Also we knew John S. Saxon
and he was said to be the son of Solomon Saxon dec’d and we never heard it converted[?] and further swear that we have no interest
in said claim.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 14th December 1857
N. H. Pendergrass J.P.

Jackson Bell
J. H. Randolph

[The next document in the file is a printed form, with information about the applicant filled in by hand.]

Brief in the case of Solomon Saxon
of Jackson County in the State of Georgia
(Act 7th June, 1832)

1. Was the declaration made before a Court of a Judge?
a court

2. If before a Judge, does it appear that the applicant is disabled by bodily infirmity?

3. How old is he? 67 years

4. State his service, as directed in the form annexed.

Period Duration of Service Rank Names of General and Field Officers under whom he served
Years, Months, Days As a Gen.
In 1780 not stated private Capt. Rains, Genl. Butler
~~~ ~~~, 3,~~~ private Col. Litteral
~~~ ~~~, 3,~~~ ~~~ Gov. Burks guard

Was taken prisoner last term & carried to Charleston & put on board a prison ship & was detained
a prisoner 14 months to the end of the war& that he served 14 months before he was taken prisoner

5. In what battles was he engaged?
Gates defeat etc.

6. Where did he reside when he entered the service:
North Carolina

7. Is his statement supported by living witnesses, by documentary proof, by traditionary evidence, by incidental evidence,
or by the rolls?
Traditionary evidence

8. Are the papers defective as to form or authentication? and if so, in what respect?

I certify that the foregoing statement and the answers agree with the evidence in the case above mentioned.

B. F. Pleasants
Examining Clerk

[letter dated 4 Apr 1933 to Joel H. DuBose of Atlanta, GA omitted]

Jefferson Ga.
22nd Dec 1857

To the Commissioner of Pension

I enclosed to you my declaration as a legal heir of Soloman Saxon who drew a pension awhile he lived

Yours Truly
John S. Saxon

Know all men by these presents that I John S. Saxon of Jackson County in the state of Georgia have appointed ordain and in my stead & place put and do hereby appoint ordain and in my stead and place put George C. Ames of Washington City D.C. Attny at law to be my [–?–] sufficient and lawful attorney for me and in my name and stead to ask demand sue for and receive from the proper authorities of the United States any and all claim and demand of Whatsoever value(?) I have against the United States by reason and [–?–] of any act of acts of Congress duly approved and in force more especially the acts [–?–] George C. Ames giving and granting unto my said attorney full power and authority in and about [–?–][–?–] to [–?–] all due means [–?–] and process in the law in getting [–?–] of Soloman Saxon as revolutionary soldier as an heir of Solomon Saxon dec’d. If [–?–] ought and might personally although this matter require more special authority than is herein [–?–] duly revoking and countermanding all powers of attorney by me heretofore made and ratifying allowing & holding valid all my said Attorney shall lawfully do in and about the promises(?) by [–?–] hereof In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the 9th February 1857.

[certification of signature of N. H. Pendergrass by John J. Pittman, 9 Feb 1858 omitted]

Pension Office
January 13, 1858


I have examined & rejected the claim of John S. Saxton[sic], as heir of Solomon Saxton, to a pension in right
of his father’s services.

No pension can be allowed the child of a deceased revolutionary soldier or his widow.

If his father failed to receive the pension which had been allowed him up to his decease, then such pension
as was undrawn his children were entitled to.

Application for arrears should be made to the Auditor of the Treasury.

[To] John S. Saxton, Esqr
Jefferson, Geo.

Rev’y Invalid
File No. 31,951
Solomon Saxon
Pri Rev War

Act: June 7 32
Index: Vol. 2, Page 354

[letter from A. M. Hartsfield of Washington D.C. dated 2 July 1901 omitted]

[letter from Mrs. Howard Persons of Monticello, Ga. dated 5 Sep 1921 omitted]

[letter dated 13 Mar 1933 from Joel H. DuBose of Atlanta, GA omitted]

[form summary of information in file omitted] 

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