Court of Ordinary


Acknowledged in open court the orphans of Jeremiah Holliday dcsd to wit Fanny Holliday, Nancy Holliday & Martin Holliday came into Court & chose Hugh Montgomery & Edward Adams for their guardians & the Court appointed the sd. Adams & Montgomery Guardians for John Martin Holliday and other of the said orphans.  It is therefore ordered that said Adams & Montgomery be & they are hereby appointed as guardians for sd. orphans.”


“An application to the honorable the Court of Ordinary for this County by Sally Morris & Nancy Morris orphans praying this Court to permit them to make choice of a Guardian & their being of sufficient age to do so, & Choosing? Mayor James M.C. Montgomery It is ordered that the said James M.C. Montgomery Esq. be appointed & considered the Guardian of the said applicants by complying with the requests of the law.”


“A motion of Walton Harris & Hugh Montgomery guardians for Dolly Rogers & John Henderson Rogers orphans of Thomas Rogers deceased pray might be released from their Guardianship & praying some person or persons be appointed the Guardian or Guardians & the petitioners pledge themselves to make a fair? settlement with this Court & the Orphans aforesaid on or before the Court of Ordinary in January next & in duty bound will pray whereupon it is ordered that they be released from their Guardianship & that Thomas Hyde & J.M.C. Montgomery Esquire be qppointed their guardians in lieu of the said Walton Harris & Hugh Montgomery, they complying with the req. ? of the law.”

BEANLAND (or Beauland), LAVINA

“Ordered that Levina Beanland? (or Beauland) an Orphan Child of Six years of age the 14th of february last be bound unto David Owing untill she is 18 years old by sd. Owing giving her education so as to enable her to read & write & to be provide sd. Child with decent apparel & comfortable boarding & at the expiration of her service to furnish her with two Store dresses.”

TURNER, SALLY, page 185-186
“Ordered that Sally Turner be? & She is hereby bound unto John McConnell Esq. untill she be of Eighteen years of age or untill she shall marry she being now in her eleventh year the sd. McConnell giving her one year Schooling & to give her on her freedom ? two decent suits of Store Cloths & decent homespun apparel.


BEARDEN, DOLLY, page 182 (1797-1814 wills and rulings)
4 Mar 1813
“Ordered that Dolly Bearden an Orphan child fourteen months old be bound to John S. Rushten? untill She is 18 years of age & to give her Schooling to enable her to read & write & to furnish her with decent apparel & comfortable boarding & two store dresses at the expiration of her service.”

“Ordered that Stephen Yarborough, an orphan Boy be committed to the Care John Lain? Senr.
untill the next Inferior Cout provided ? that said Lain do give up sd Orphan to the proper guardian or application?”


“Ordered that David Dickson be hereby appointed Guardian of Dickson Bailey a Minor under the age of fourteen years.”
ROGERS, GEORGE, 3 Sep 1810

“George Rogers orphan of John Rogers dec’d. came into Court & chose Robert Wilson for a Guardian.  It is therefore Ordered that Letters of Guardianship be granted him he complying with the requisites of the law.”

BUNLAN (or Beenlan), OZBOURN, page 135, 3 Feb 1806

“Ordered that Ozbourn Bunlan (or Beenlan) Natural Son & orphan of Nancy Bunland (or Beenland) be bound to James Elmore until he be twenty one years old he complying with the law in such case male? provided.”


“Thomas Watson Guardian of the orphan of Thomas Ward made his return which was received and ordered to be recorded”


“Ordered that William Patrick, orphan son of Lewis Patrick dec’d be bound to John King until he shall be twenty one years old (he being fourteen the 26th day of last January)  the said King having agreed on his part to treat the said boy humanely, and clothe him well & on his being free to give him a horse worth one hundred dollars, a good Saddel an bridle and a good suit of Store Clothes and to give him one year Schooling during his servitude”


“On application of Ivey Jarrett & Orren Jarrett, orphans of Nicholas Jarrett dec’d to have their Mother Patsey Jarrett appointed their Guardian –  ordered that she be appointed their Guardian  The Court also appoints the said Patsy Jarrett Guardian for Thomas Jarrett, James Jarrett, Whitson Jarrett, William Jarrett & Nancy Jarrett – Ordered that letters of Guardianship be issued accordingly


“Jackson Trout & Jeremiah Trout orphan sons of Nathaniel Trout dec’d came into Court & made choice of George Shaw and the Court appointed him Guardian for Louise Trout daughter of the said Nathaniel – Ordered that letters issue accordingly

ORPHANS of W. BRAZIEL deceased, 3 Sep 1821

“George Rapalec? Braziel came into Court & prayed that his brother John M. Braziel be appointed his Guardian – and the Court appointed the said Jno. M. Braziel Guardian for Polly Braziel (they being orphan children of W. Braziel dec’d)  It is therefore ordered that the said Jno M. Braziel be & he is hereby appointed their Guardian.

On application William Braziel & Headen Braziel orphan sons of Wm Braziel dec’d praying that Amos Brazelton? be appointed their Guardian  It is ordered that he be and is hereby appointed Guardian for said orphans

SMITH, JOHN, 5 Sep 1821

“John Smith orphan son of Robert Smith late of this County dec’d came into Court & prayed that his mother, Nancy Smith be his Guardian.  It is therefore ordered that she be & is hereby appointed Guardian of said orphan.”

TROUT, LOUISE 6 Sep 1824

“the petition of Louise Trout humbly sheweth that for several reasons she is desirous that the Court would appoint Jeremiah Trout her Guardian in lieu of George Shaw Exr. and said Jeremiah giving the necessary security according to law & obligations
Sept 5th 1824
Louise Trout
Sarah Trout
Ordered that Jeremiah Trout be guardian agreeably to the above petition”

Deeds mentioning orphans

ELATHAN D. WALKER to TAPLEY, VIRGIL, ALFRED & SAMUEL STUART, Orphans of SAMUEL STUART, Book F, Jackson County land records:

This Indenture made this twenty seventh day of August one thousand eight hundred & thirteen between Elathan D. Walker of the County of Jasper & state of Georgia of the one part & Tapley Virgil Alfred & Samuel Stuart Orphans of Samuel Stuart decd of the other part all of the County of Jackson & State aforesaid Witnesseth that the said Elathan D. Walker for & in consideration of the sum of three hundred dollars to him in hand paid by the said Tapley Virgil Alfred & Samuel Stuart Orphans of said Stuart decd the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained & Sold unto Tapley Virgil Alfred & Samuel Stuart Orphans of said Stuart their heirs & assigns a certain tract of land containing one hundred & fifty acres be the same more or less situated lying & being in the County of Jackson on the middle fork of the Oconee River & bounded as follows, Viz. beginning at a hickory on the river thence with Kings land North thirty East to a stake on the road that leads from Cl!
arksborough to Nathan Camps thence up said road to a stake thence South thirty West to a pine on the river thence down the said River to the beginning  Together with all & singular the rights members & appurtenances to the said tract of land belonging or in any wise appurtaining & also all the estate, right, title, interest, claim & demand of him the said Elathan D. Walker of into or out of the same to have & to hold the said tract or parcel of land with all & singular the premises aforesaid with each & every of their rights members & appurtenances unto the said Tapley Virgil Alfred & Samuel Stuart Orphans of said Stuart decd to their heirs or assigns or their own proper use & behoof for ever & the said Elathan D. Walker doth warrant & forever defend the said land against himself his heirs & all other persons to Tapley Virgil Alfred & Samuel Stuart Orphans of said Stuart decd & their heirs forever to their own proper use & behoof  In Witness Whereof the said Elathan D. Walke!
r hath hereunto set his hand & fixt his seal the day & date above written  Signed Sealed & delivered
inpresence of
Edmund Shackelford
Wm E. Adams J.P.
(on right side) Elathan D. Walker (Seal)