1809 Tax List

The following list was taken from the original Tax Digest volume for 1809, located in the Probate Office, Jackson Court House, Jefferson, Georgia, as interpreted by Faye S. Poss, October 1997, and typed painstakingly for this web page, by Sheila Forester.

This is an alphabetical index only, used primarily for identification of the pages upon which various Jackson County citizens may be found on the Tax Digest, and does not reflect the acreage, or other data contained on the original Tax Digest, except for certain comments identifying guardians, agents, etc. It is also useful in determining whether or not your ancestor was in Jackson County in the year 1809.

Tax defaulters have not been included in this list, as the names were quite faded and difficult to read; however, the defaulters for 1809 were identified in a newspaper, the GEORGIA EXPRESS, and are shown separately at the end of the alphabetical listing.


[No surname], George83a free man of color by Walton Harris, Atty. at Law
[?], Henry1
[?], Christopher3
Abercrumbe, James89
Abney[?], Hezekiah
Adair, Bozeman5
Adair, Susa5
Adair, Joseph A.3
Adams, Allen79
Adams, Absalom79
Adams, Jesse79
Adams, Meredith79
Adams, Edward85
Adams, John85
Adams, John81
Airs, Ammon89
Akridge, John5
Alexander, William65
Allen, Elizabeth77
Allen, John83
Anderson, Thomas21
Anderson, Timothy1
Anderson, Aron73
Anderson, Richard19
Appleby, James35
Appleby, William77
Archey, Thomas21
Armor, William73
Armor, James73by Wm. Armor, Adm'r of Estate
Armor, Andrew73
Armor, Joseph11
Arnold, William57
Atcheson, Henry61
Atkins, Robert49
Atkins, Joseph55
Atkins, Ransom3
Atkins, Bartlet57
Atkins, R.3by Miles Gathright, agent
Atkinson, Agrippe43
Atkinson, Arnold51
Austin, Isaac57
Austin, John55
Autry, Isaac51
Autry, Absalom53
Autry, Alexander59
Avant, Cary77
Awbery, Chandler21
Awbery, William81
Awbery, Phillip81
Bacon, William H.77
Bagby, Joseph45
Bailey, Ralph85
Bailey, Samuel Jr.85
Bailey, Robert21
Bailey, John85
Bailey, James33
Baker, Henry89
Bales, Aldridge67
Banister, Baluam29
Barker, Lewis Jr.5
Barker, Isham7
Barker, Kewis Jr.7
Barnet, Samuel33
Barnett, Nathan37
Barnwell, John65
Baron, James47
Barr, Joseph15
Barr, James13
Barron, Barnabus15
Barron, James13
Barron, Thomas15
Barron, Thomas C.15
Barton, John43
Baskins, William59
Bastwick, John75
Bates, Mathias61
Beard, James75
Beard, Jane13by William Beard Exr. Estate of Jane Beard
Beard, George W.73
Beard, Alexander13
Beard, John5
Beard, William13
Bearden, Jacob17
Bearden, Richard17
Bearden, William17
Bearden, Ansel21
Bearden, James17
Beauchamp, William63
Beauchamp, John63
Beavers, Reuben39
Beavers, Jane79Widow, by Drury Shields, Agent
Bell, William69
Bell, Jas.25by Christopher McEhannon, Agent
Bell, Walter37
Bell, Walter27
Bellough, Samuel73
Bennett, William69
Bennett, John75
Bennett, William13
Bennett, Jesse15
Bennett, Hezekiah15
Bennett, Stephen Jr.69
Bennett, Stephen73
Benton, Mary11202-1/2 ac, Heirs of Thomas Benton
Benton, Mary11202-1/2 ac, to Mary Benton
Benton, Mary11Widow
Bergin, David45
Berry, John49by Benjamin Camp, Ex'r Estate
Betts, Johnathan45
Betts, Joshua69
Bingham, William49
Black, Thomas G.1
Blackburn, Meredith89
Blackstock, John89
Blackstock, James89
Blackwell, Ambros19
Blake, William61
Blake, William23
Blalock, Reuben49
Blalock, Giles17
Blankenship, Wamock73
Blankenvicker, Cornelius73
Bobo, Spencer55by George Humphries, Agt.
Boggs, Joseph37
Boggs, James Sr.37
Boggs, James Jr.37
Bohanan, Gideon81
Bohannon, Mary73Widow
Bohanon, Edward79
Bonds, Dudley9by John Embry, Agent
Boon, Martin15
Borders, John17
Borders, Michael17by John Borders, Es'r Estate
Borders, Isaac15
Borders, John Sr.13
Boring, John79
Boring, Isaac79
Bowen, Nancy21for Owen J. Bowen, her husband
Bowen, John67
Bowles, Nathan13
Bowman, Ezekiel41
Box, Robert51
Boxley, George5
Boyd, Alexander23
Boyd, William23
Boyd, William Jr.23
Boyd, John27
Boyd, Hugh25
Boyd, Andrew83
Boyle, Peter31
Bradford, Archabald33
Bradford, William35
Bradford, John35
Bradford, George35
Bradford, William13
Bradford, David35
Brandon, William65
Branham, William71
Branham, Michael27
Brazel, Britton47
Brewer, Isaac45
Brewster, Loviea55by James Bruster, Agt.
Bridges, Allen J.1
Bridges, John7
Brogdon, George61
Brooks, Middleton23
Brooks, Littleberry11
Brooks, John11
Brooks, John81
Brooks, Isaac81
Brooks, Peter11
Brooks, James45
Brooks, Jacob53
Brooks, William45
Brown, John43
Brown, James91
Brown, John53
Brown, Stephen59
Brown, Ambrose67
Brown, John57
Brown, William13
Browning, Benjamin37
Bruce, George3
Brumbelow, Edward35
Brumbelow, Isaac19
Bruster, James55
Bryant, John25
Bryant, Joshua25
Bryant, Mary27for Richard Bryant, her husband
Bryant, --ham27
Bryant, John81
Bryant, Hugh81
Burch, John69by George Ried, Agt.
Burges, John45
Burks, William1170 a. granted to Walters, Jackson Co., Sandy Creek adj. Morgan
Burks, Robert1362 ac. granted to Garret, Jackson Co., Turkey Ck., adj. Bowles
Burks, David13214 ac. Jackson Co., Turkey Creek, adj. Smith
Burks, William1390 ac. granted to Garret, Jackson Co., on Turkey Ck., adj. Burks
Burks, Elisha11next to William Burks-no land listed
Burnet, William9
Burnett, Joseph29
Burns, William Jr.17
Burns, William Sr.15
Burros, James7
Burson, Isaac43
Byford, Henry89
Byford, John7
Byford, William91
Byford, John89
Cain, John89
Cain, Joseph19
Cain, Thomas89
Calahan, John1
Calahan, James1
Calahan, John11
Calahan, Edward3
Calaway, Joshua47
Camden, Robert23
Cameron, Ambrose3
Camp, Hosea71
Camp, Robert71
Camp, John Jr.57
Camp, Andrew49
Camp, Cameron41Nathan Camp for Parent?
Camp, Burwell49
Camp, Benjamin49
Camp, Nathan41
Camp, Thomas49
Camp, Larkin57
Camp, Thomas Jr.49
Camp, Shearwood49
Camp, William51
Camp, John Sr.51
Camp, Joseph51
Camp, Thomas Sr.49
Camp, Abner51
Campbell, William85
Carlisle, Moses33
Carmical, John Sr.23
Carmical, John Jr.23
Carrel, Thomas67
Carrel, James67
Carrigan, William83
Carrigan, John35
Carson, Jos75by Samuel Patton, Ex'r Estate
Carter, David61
Carter, Solomon59
Carter, William89
Casey, John17
Casey, James11
Cash, James33
Cash, Patrick35
Cash, John1
Castleberry, Thomas89
Castleberry, David9
Castleberry, Claybourn11
Cate, John19
Cates, John59
Cates, William69
Caven, Forges29
Caven, Alexander27
Cavender, Clemeth91
Chandler, Abraham79
Chandler, William79
Chandler, Merritt77
Chandler, Parks41
Chandler, Bailey79by Abraham Chandler, Adm'r Estate
Chapman, John77
Chapman, Payton C.15
Chapman, William13
Chapman, James15
Childs, --------------------77Hugh Montgomery, Agt. for Heirs
Christian, Charles33
Christler, Absalom13
Clack, Thomas57
Clack, George W.57
Clack, John51
Clagett, Horatio47George N. Lyle, Agent
Clark, Sarah35Widow-James Clark, Agent
Clark, James35
Clark, Patsy35James Clark, Agent
Clayton, Edmond Jr.55
Clayton, Edmond53
Clayton, Samuel53Edmond Clayton for his son, Samuel
Clayton, Richard55
Clement, Charles65
Clements, Benjamin63
Clements, James65
Clements, Culliver73
Clements, William27
Cleyton, John Y.19
Clower, Daniel71
Cobb, William89
Cochrum, James73
Cockburn, James9
Cockburn, George11
Coe, Isaac25
Coe, Jacob89by Isaac Ried, Guardian of Orphans
Coker, Phillip45
Coker, Thompson45
Coleman, Phillip59
Coleman, John41
Collens, James9
Collens, Samuel45
Collins, Moses43
Collins, Jacheriah9
Colwell, James71
Conine, Robert73
Cook, Nancy43Widow
Cooper, Cornelius51
Cooper, William57
Cornelison, Andrew61
Cowden, William23
Cowden, Josiah31
Cowden, Joseph31
Cowen, Elijah19
Cowen, James71
Cowen, Isaac83
Cowen, Stewart83
Cowen, George83
Cowen, Joseph5
Cox, James29
Cox, Henry67
Crawford, Alexander27
Crawford, Arthur91
Crocket, John83
Cruce, Richard61
Culley, William59
Culpepper, Joseph17
Culpepper, Sampson17
Cunningham, Andrew31
Cunningham, Joseph31
Cunningham, James31
Cup, Henry59
Cup, John59
Curbow, Henry91
Cureton, Henry17
Cureton, William Sr.77
Curry, George5
Dameron, Charles37
Darden, Charnel89
Daves, Richard37
David, George89
David, Joseph75
Davis, Aaron5
Davis, James89
Davis, Frederick57
Deal, Ephraim21
Deal, Ephraim21
Deal, William17
Deane, Shadrack19
Deane, John21
Dennis, William25
Depriest, Joseph29
Derbin, Sarah43Widow
Derham, Anderson33
Devinney, James23
Dickson, Hugh21
Dickson, David21
Dickson, William25
Dickson, John29
Dickson, Michael21
Dickson, James5
Differy, William21
Dobbs, Nathaniel Sr.65
Dobbs, Nathaniel Jr.65
Doss, Edward31
Doss, Claybourn7
Doss, Mark27
Doss, George29
Doss, John25
Doster, James31
Dowdy, William73John Rogers, agent
Dowdy, Robert69
Dozer, William31
Dreaden, Jonathan27
Driskel, David B.5
Driskel, George5
Duff, Moses23
Duke, Green W.81
Duke, Jesse31
Dunman, Robert89
Dunman, Thomas89
Dunman, John91
Dunn, John9Howard Smith, Guardian for Heirs of John Dunn
Dunnegee, Samuel77
Dunnegin, Ezekiel21
Dunneway, Joseph45
Dunston, Charles11
Dupree, Lewis J.5
Dyche, Isaac R.29
Eakin, Robert37
[Eazort?], Joshua27
Eccles, William65
Echols, Elizabeth25Charles Smith, Agent
Echols, Kitty69by Benjamin Echols, Sr. Agt.
Echols, Benjamin Sr.69
Echols, Benjamin Jr.73
Edwards, Arnold43
Edwards, Charles25
Edwards, Isaac39
Elesberry, Lindsey23
Elliot, William23
Ellis, Elison9
Ellis, Nathan13
Ellison, Samuel45
Elmore, James31
Embrey (W) Ann9by Thomas Embrey, Agent
Embrey, Thomas9
Embry, John9
Epperson, John71
Ervine, John61
Erwin, James27
Espey, Thomas3
Espey, John3
Ethrington, William49
Eubank, John15
Evans, John51
Evans, Eli21
Evans, William11
Evans, Daniel25by John Watterson, Ex'r Estate
Ewing, William49
Ewing, Thomsas29
Ezell, Harrison31
Ezell, Mason Sr.31
Ezell, Mason Jr.31
Ezzell, William81
Farmer, James87
Farmer, John15
Farrow, Britton75
Farrow, Wiley73
Ferrel, Martin55
Files, David71
Finch, John
Finch, John Jr.37
Finnesy, John65
Flanagin, Paul31
Flanagin, Vincent17
Flannagin, John17
Fleming, William11
Floyd, Gallant89
Fluronoy, Green45
Folley, Thomas91
Fondren, William59
Forbus, A.65by Robert McEver, Adm'r Estate
Ford, David13
Forsythe, Mary5by Jacob Forsythe, her husband
Foster, Arthur53
Foster, Andrew55
Foster, John Jr.57
Foster, John Sr.55
Fowler, Nathan63
Franklin, Lewis49
Franklin, John17
Freeman, Benjamin87
Frost, Johnson31
Frost, Eli29
Fullerton, Adam11
Gardner, William15
Gardner, Christopher23
Gardner, Samuel39
Garner, St. (orphans of)15by James Hendrix, Guardian
Garner, Martha83by Martin Garner, Agt.
Garner, Martin83
Garner, William85
Garrard, Jacob25
Garrison, Nehemiah89
Gates, Hezekiah15
Gathright, Miles3
Gathright, William M.11
Gaw, Elias91
George, Joseph45
Gibson, John67
Gidden, James65
Gidden, William65
Gileat, Mary39Widow
Gilespie, Daniel53
Gilespie, David57
Gilespie, Alexander23
Ginn, Jordan39
Glaze, Samuel45
Glaze, Patrick41
Glen, James1
Glossen, John79
Goodner, Henry17
Goodridge, Russel15by James Hendrix, Agent-5,175 as granted to Wagnon, joining C. D'Estang
Goolsby, James67
Gore, Maner15
Grace, Thomas49
Gradey, Archabald21
Grase, James47
Green, Roger65
Green, Jane85Widow
Green, John85by Jane Green, Ex'r Estate
Green, Forrest Sr.77
Green, Forrest Jr.77
Green, Ezekiel81
Green, John65
Green, John83
Green, Susanna65heirs of, by Wm. Gidden, Agt.
Greer, Richard69
Gregory, John61
Gresham, Edmond39
Greyham, Moss79
Greyham, Jesse89
Greyham, Nelson53
Griffith, George23
Griffith, Benjamin81
Grizzle, Jesse67
Guthery, Elizabeth19Thomas Guthery, Agent
Guthery, Leroy19
Guthery, Thomas19
Gwynn, Humphery53
Haggard, Samuel13
Haggard, James13
Haggard, Samuel Jr.13
Haggard, Gray13
Hales, John5
Hall, George65
Hall, William67
Hambrick, Joseph53
Hamilton, John71
Hamilton, Andrew Jr.71
Hamilton, Joseph71
Hamilton, [Samuel?]71
Hamilton, Andrew Sr.71
Hamilton, William63
Hamilton, James31M.D.
Hampton, Jonathan71by Hosea Camp, Agt.
Hampton, Joseph15
Hampton, Bartholomew13
Hancock, Samuel11
Hancock, Robert31
Hancock, William Jr.3
Hancock, William1
Hanson, John83Atty at Law
Hanson, Thomas Jr.39
Hanson, Edmond37
Hanson, Thomas Sr.37
Harden, Val.89orphans of, by William Warren, Guardian
Hardy, Preston13
Hardy, Lewis13
Hardy, Jerry71heirs of, by Abraham Venable, Guardian
Hardy, Reuben15
Harlin, Valintine31
Harper, Alexander67
Harper, Solomon89by Alexander Harper, Sr., Agt.
Harper, William65
Harper, Alexander Sr.67
Harper, Robert91
Harris, Joseph11
Harris, Absalom21
Harris, Sampson67
Harris, Early87
Harris, William59
Harris, Walton83Attorney at Law
Harris, Edwin83Attorney at Law
Harris, Lewis15
Harrison, Joseph31
Harrison, Josephus57
Harrison, Colmore33
Hasey, John13
Hasey, Zadock15
Haskins, Silas43
[Haw____], James3
Hawk, [________]77Hugh Montgomery, Agt. for Heirs
Hawkins, Edward89
Hawkins, Samuel89
Hawthorn, Benjamin3
Hay, Samuel15
Hay, [Hugh?]15
Hay, Charles15Samuel Hay, admnr. of estate
Hay, Job75
Haynes, Isaac55
Haynie, George85
Hays, Thomas55
Hays, George83
Headen, Jesse79
Headen, George79
Headen, Wm.79by George Headen, Ex'r Estate
Headen, Eli79
Hearn, Daniel27
Hearn, Jonathan5
Heath, Richard91
Hemphill, John87
Henderson, John85
Henderson, Robert Sr.85
Henderson, Robert Jr.85
Hendrix, Isaac15James Hendrix, Executor
Hendrix, Isaac13no land listed
Hendrix, James15302 ac., granted to Wagnon, No. Oconee, joining Hay
Henley, William53
Henly, Moore51
Henson, John61
Hern, Asey77
Hester, Thomas43
Hewet, William39
Hickman, Jacob25
Hickman, William25
Hill, Edward61
Hill, John55
Hill, James61
Hill, William55
Hill, Joshua59
Hinor, Lewis29
Hobson, John49
Hobson, Nicholas49John Hobson, Ex'r Estate
Hodge, John H.35
Hodge, William35
Hodge, Catharine35John H. Hodge, Agent
Hodge, Frances81heirs of, by John McElhanan, Agt.
Hodges, Hiram37
Hogan, John17
Hogan, Shadrack17
Holland, Laban81
Holland, John71
Holland, Lewel89
Holland, Thomas19
Hollandsworth, V.29by William Wates, Adm'r of Estate
Holmes, Richard5
Holt, Harmond49
Hood, John53
Hood, David55
Hood, Isaac55
Hood, William57
Hood, Austin55
Hopkins, John51
Hopkins, Richard61
Hopper, Thomas19
Horn, Isaac59
Horn, Jesse59
Horton, James73
Horton, Sherod33
Horton, Proser37
Horton, Jeremiah35
Howard, Robert59
Howard, Hardy41
Howsley, Charles57
Howze, James Sr.37
Howze, Samuel51
Hudgens, Redman47
Hudgens, Beveryly77
Hudson, William23
Hughes, Thomas3
Hughes, William47
Huie, James75
Huie, Robert71
Huie, Joseph73
Humphries, Shadrach49
Humphries, George55
Humphries, Joseph1
Hunt, Littleton69
Hurley, Mary67Widow
Hutchens, Wiley61
Hutson, [J_vent?]47
Hyde, Thomas87
Hyde, Rob't87by Thomas Hyde, Adm'r Estate
Hyles, Peter49
In__er[?], John73
Ingle, John37
Jack, William67
Jackson, Edward59
Jackson, Job59
Jackson, Hugh61
Jackson, Gillam27
Jackson, Stephen75
Jackson, Benjamin61
Jackson, Isaac61
Jackson, John61
Jackson, David61
Jacobs, Elisha49
James, John45
Jarret, Nicholas1
Jarrett, Howel87
Jenkins, Obadiah55
Jenks, Willis71
Jennings, Coleman23
Jetun, Joel77
Jetun, John77
Johnson, John H.33
Johnson, Aaron7
Johnson, John29
Johnson, Peter19
Johnson, Thomas7
Johnson, Thomas11
Johnson, Daniel17
Johnson, Uriah35
Johnson, Anthony85
Johnson, Robert D.19
Johnson, Henry H.31
Johnson, William39M.D.
Johnston, Benjamin81
Johnston, John81
Johnston, Robert79
Jolley, Joseph43
Jones, Thomas47
Jones, Martha45William Jones, Agent
Jones, James63
Jones, Gabriel17
Jones, John A. C.45
Jones, Russel9
Jones, William45
Jones, Benjamin59
Jones, Richard43
Jones, Thornton39
Jones, John81
Jones, William1
Jordan, Samuel59
Justice, David21
Justice, John35
Justice, Henry35
Janady, Archabald59
Kanedy, John Junior27
Kelly, Robert59
Kelly, William27
Kelly, John59
Kelly, Rachel59by Robert Kelly, Agt.
Kelly, Charles59
Kelly, John39Jordan Ginn, Agent
Kendrick, William19
Kendrick, Abel19
Kendrick, John19
Kent, William41
Key, John W.9
Key, Tandy71
Key, Stephen71
Kieth, George79
Kile, Thomas5
Kindrick, John41
King, John41
King, Hugh7by James Montgomery, Agent
King, Samuel51
King, John29
Kirk, Wm.89by Henry Robertson, Agt.
Kirkpatrick, James79
Kisle, James77
Jisle, John N.91
Kitchen, Thomas79
Knight, Isaac55
Knight, Presley55
Knocks, Samuel27
Kolb, Peter41
Kolb, Martin41
Kolb, Jonathan35
Landrum, James21
Landrum, Joseph81
Lane, Jonathan83by Peleg Rogers, Agt.
Lane, John Jr.19
Lane, Elizabeth21
Lane, [?]1
Langford, Peter23
Langford, James21
Langford, Thomas23
Langford, William1
Langford, Robert23
Langley, Miles Sr.77
Langley, Miles Jr.77
Langley, Moses Sr.65
Langley, Wiley67
Langley, Thomas85
Langston, Samuel67
Laughridge, James73
Lawrence, Thomas5
Lawson, James73by Samuel Bellough, Agt.
Lay, E.7Zachariah, gdn. of E Lay's children
Legg & Hampton, in Co.15
Legg, Nathaniel15
Legg, William45
Legg, Thomas47
Lepard, Holland75
Lesley, James71
Let, James Jr.21
Lieuallen, William51
Light, Obediah19
Linch, Isaac13
Lindsey, William33Ephraim Lindsey, his Agent
Lindsey, John27
Lindsey, Ephrain33
Lister, George D.9
Little, Joseph77
Lively, Samuel1
Lolly, Elisha87
Lovejoy, Jemima43John Lovejoy, Agent
Lovejoy, John43
Lovejoy, Eleazer45
Lovejoy, Edward47
Loving, John41
Lowery, Levi83by Walton Harris, Agt.
Lumpkins, George89
Lyle, William47George N. Lyle, Agent
Lyle, Jennet15
Lyle, George N.47
Lyles, John53
Lyles, Sherod57
Lyles, James43
Lysle, William81
Lysle, John81
Lysle, James69
Lysle, Dilmas69
Lysle, Maher69
Mackie, William19
Maddox, Clayburn71
Maddox, John61
Maddox, Benjamin27
Maddox, John69
Maddox, Joseph1
Maddox, Daniel19
Magers, Richard69
Manen, Thomas61
Manghan, Alexander17
Mannefee, George79
Marlow, George47
Martin, William39
Martin, Jonathan19
Martin, Robert71
Martin, James45
Martin, Joseph85by Edward Adams, Agt.
Martin, John41
Mash, Ann27widow-Gilbert Mash, her agent
Mash, Gilbert27
[Math___], William3
Matthews, William3
Mayes, William41
Mayfield, Battle29
Mayfield, William23
Mayfield, John W.23
Mayo, Benjamin81
McBride, James71
McBride, David S.71
McCarty, Cornelius85
McClung, Reuben69
McClung, Jonas91
McClure, Samuel B.31
McConnel, John Sr.25
McConnel, Joseph67
McConnel, Charles57
McConnel, John Jr.25
McCord, James3
McCord, John1
McCorkle, William17
McCravey, David S.85
McCravey, Ezekiel83
McCullers, David83heirs of, by Walton Harris, Guardian
McCutchen, Joseph21
McCutchen, Robert35
McDonald, Josiah55by George Humphries, Adm'r of Estate
McDonald, James41
McDonald, James41
McDowell, Thomas67
McDowell, Robert65
McElhanan, John81
McElhannon, Christopher25
McEver, Samuel65
McEver, Robert65
McEver, Joseph65
McEver, John65
McEver, Brice67
McEver, William65
McEwen, Isaac55
McGee, William31
McGehee, Jesse51
McGinnes, William11
McGinnes, James9
McGrady, Silas91
McGuire, A. B.63
McHargue, Alexander43
McKey, Robert33
McKinney, Wilson75
McKinney, Charles Sr.19
McKinney, Charles Jr.19
McKinney, Samuel19
McKleroy, Lewis7for Elizabeth Hodge
McLeod, Malcom49
McLester, Joseph15
McMorris, James25
McMullen, Samuel73
McMullen, James71
McMurphey, John81
McMurrays, [?]1
McNees, James77
McRae, Robert83by Walton Haris, Agt.
McRight, Matthew61
McRight, James59
McRight, James39
McVay, John27
McWhirter, William27
McWire [McGuire?], Thompson35
Mears, Lewis41
Medcalf, William9
Medcalf, John9
Miers, Abraham89
Miles, Elijah39
Miller, John39
Miller, William Jr.33
Miller, Jerome41
Miller, Ebenezer39
Miller, William37
Milsaps, Thomas49
Milsaps, Jacob49
Milsaps, Reuben49
Mitchel, James35
Mobley, Eleazer73
Mobley, John J.85
Mobley, [Isaac?]45
Montgomery, Matthew S.25
Montgomery, William29
Montgomery, James7
Montgomery, Robert25
Montgomery, Samuel7
Montgomery, William7
Montgomery, Hugh77
Montgomery, Washington25Matthew S. Montgomery, Agent
Montgomery, Robt.25Matthew S. Montgomery, Agent
Montgomery, J. M. C.33
Moon, Bolar35
Moon, Jesse35Boler Moon, Adm'r of Estate
Moore, William Sr.7
Moore, James53
Moore, James J.1
Moore, John27
Moore, Thomas7
Moore, David69
Moore, George53
Moore, William1
Moore, Morene27
Moore, William Jr.7
Moore, Alexander1
Morgan, Tho.23by John Carmical, Sr., adm. of estate
Morgan, Prescilla11(w) Widow & Excrx. of Estate of William Morgan
Morgan, Robert11
Morris, Jesse49
Morris, Shadrach73
Morris, Austin75
Morris, John49
Morris, Chesley Jr.87
Morris, William51
Morris, Thomas49
Morris, James51
Morrison, Malcom55
Morrison, Alexander35
Mote, Benjamin67
Mote, Simeon73
Mote, Silas69
Mullen, May91
Mullens, Bud91
Mullens, Melone91
Mullins, Elizabeth43formerly Kirkland, Adm'r Wm Kirkland, for Thomas Mullins her present husband
Murdock, William23
Murdock, Elizabeth23William Murdock, Agent
Nash, James11
Neasbet, Jeremiah23
Nelson, Sylvester70
Nelson, Archi.57
Niblack, Thomas77
Nicholas, Thomas81
Nicholas, Thomas85
Nichols, William55
Nichols, Ambrus81
Nicols, John49
Noblit, William1
Noon, Patrick19
Norman, William9
Norman, Joseph11
Nowling, William67
Nun[?], Elijah33
Obar, Thomas25
Ofit, Ilijah59
Olive, Hendon15
Oliver, Ilijah59
Onail, Daniel65
Orr, John Sr.35
Orr, James69
Orr, John Jr.35
Osteen, Jesse61by Alexander White, Atty.
Otwell, William Jr.67
Otwell, William Sr.65
Owen, David81
Pace, Isaac7
Palmer, James7
Palmer, Joseph15
Park, John9
Park, William41
Park, Samuel41
Park, Jeremiah S.7
Park, James1by Garrett W. Park, Ex'r of Estate
Park, Patrick47
Parker, James75
Parker, Matthew G.71
Parks, Charles77
Pass, John23
Pate, James23
Pate, John23
Pate, Thomas23
Patrick, John9
Patrick, Solomon53
Patrick, Ephraim9
Patrick, Samuel9
Patten, William13
Patten, Robert13
Patterson, John G.67
Pattillo, Samuel67
Patton, Samuel75
Paxton, Joseph35
Paxton, Robert83
Payn, James15
Peak, Solomon21
Pearce, Cion73
Penningham, Abraham3
Pennington, John43
Pennington, Isaac43
Pennington, Samuel43
Pentecost, William43
Pepper, John51
Perkerson, Joel43
Perkerson, Beverly45
Perkerson, Dempsey79
Perry, James77
Perry, Thomas13
Pettyjohn, Abraham31
Pettyjohn, Reubin31
Pettyjohn, Jacob31
Pettyjohn, William31
Phair, Jonathan35
Phillips, Henry75
Phillips, Thomas81
Phillips, Jos.87by Thomas Hyde, Agt.
Phillips, Adam61
Phips, John J.15
Pierce, Gad61
Pierce, Reuben25
Pierce, Joel61
Pierce, Willis75
Pierce, John75
Pierce, Lewis W.73
Pipkin, Amos91
Pittman, James Sr.7
Pittman, John G.5
Pittman, Martin H.7James Pittman, Agent
Pittman, Pleasant O.5
Polk, Charles5
Pool, James25
Pool, Adam81
Pope, Etheldred11
Pope, Willis87M.D.
Post, Joseph M.33
Post, Samuel33
Potts, William33
Potts, Henry11
Potts, Stephen33
Powel, Clemuel63
Prewett, Josiah71
Price, Ezekiel7
Price, Charles65
Pritchet, Cion17
Puckett, John59
Puckett, Richard67
Pugh, Isaac59
Pugh, Reason59
Pugh, Robert59
Pugh, Elijah59
Purkins, Thadeus59
Pursell, Aldridge67
Pynor, William23
Pynor, John23
Pyron, James15
Pyron, Charles15James Pyron, Agent
Ragan, Littleton43
Ragsdale, Elijah51
Rakestraw, William53
Ramsay, John79
Ramsey, Henry43John Pennington, Adm'r, Estate of Henry Ramsey
Ramsey, John53
Ramsey, Henry81by Adam Pool, Ex'r Estate
Randolph, John71
Rasberry, Daniel39
Rasberry, Reuben41
Ratchford, Joseph85
Ray, Jonas19
Reed, Isaac61
Reed, James59
Reed, Stephemn19
Reed, William19
Reeves, John57
Reeves, Thomas57
Reid, William D.65
Ried, Alexander71
Ried, Henry69
Ried, George69
Ried, Robert11
Ried, Samuel65
Ried, Thomas31
Ried, Isaac89
Ried, Nathan89
Ried, Joseph89heirs of, by Nathan Ried, Agt.
Ried, John67
Rieves, Frederick57
Roberts, George33
Roberts, Jeremiah59
Robertson, Lodawick23
Robertson, Sarah37granted to D. Robertson
Robertson, Richard23
Robertson, Alexander35
Robertson, John23
Robertson, William 898
Robertson, Henry89
Robertson, Elijah61
Robinson, John43
Rogers, John13James Rogers, Guardian
Rogers, John31
Rogers, James13
Rogers, Enoch29
Rogers & McCravey in Co.85
Rogers, Peleg83
Rogers, Dempsey7
Rogers, Geo.9by James Thurmond, Agent
Rooks, Hardyman45
Rose, Howel77
Ross, Etheldred39
Ross, John Jr.39
Ross, William39
Rowan, Hugh59
Rowden, Laban17
Rowland, Willis63
Russel, Thos. J.47George N. Lyle, Agent
Russel, Caleb63
Russel, Andrew59
Russel, John59
Russel, Robert W.73
Russel, John23
Rutherford, Thomas67
Salers, William11
Salers, Christopher9
Sample, Thomas B.33
Saye, James1
Scogins, Benjamin37
Scott, Joseph33
Scott, William29
Scott, Abram33
Scurlock, Joshua53
Sealy, Edward R.31
Sellers, David89
Shackleford, John49
Sharpe, William7
Shavers, Phillip83
Shaw, Hailey79
Shelton, Taliaferro15
Shepherd, William51
Shields, Patrick79by Jane Shields, Adm'x Estate
Shields, Drury79
Shields, Jane79Widow
Shields, Joseph79
Shields, James81
Shields, Samuel79by Drury Shields, Agt.
Ship, John47
Ship, William43
Shockley, Thos.[?]27William Shockley, agent
Shockley, William27
Short, Jonas49
Short, Daniel27
Simmons, Jesse61
Simmons, Asey25
Simpson, Thomas11
Skinner, John37
Skinner, John H.81
Slaten, George67
Sloan, James71
Smigh, John C.37
Smith, James Jr.7
Smith, Claybourn13
Smith, Benjamin61
Smith, James1
Smith, Robert A.27
Smith, Jesse17
Smith, James53
Smith, William53
Smith, Samuel55
Smith, George29
Smith, Thomas65
Smith, Wm. J.65by Thomas Smith, Agt.
Smith, William55
Smith, Howard9
Smith, Johnson41
Smith, John1
Smith, [Brindley?]9
Smith, William65
Smith, Nehemiah45John James Adm'r of Estate
Smith, Charles25
Smith, William39
Smith, Jeremiah53
[Smith?], William61
Snodgrass, Robert27
Snow, Moses29
Snow, Mark29
Snow, Fountain31
Snow, William89
Sockwell, William17
Spier, James5
Spikes, Elias63
Springer, Benjamin21
Spruce, William67
Stacks, William9
Stamps, Moses79
Stanley, Jordan73
Stanley, Shadrach75
Stapler, [-----mos]5
Stapler, [---------------]5
Stapler, Thomas11
Stapler, Robert11
Stapler, John11
Stedman, Samuel43
Steed, Green49
[Stev---], Mary3
Stevens, Solomon15
Stewart, William Sr.67
Stewart, James31
Stewart, William Jr.67
Stiles, Nicholas23
Stoneham, Henry3
Stovall, David29
Strawther, William5
Street, Joseph11
Streetman, Martin5
Strickland, Hardy21
Strickland, Caroless1
Strickland, Henry3
Strickland, Solomon59
Strickland, John63
Strickland, Drury63
Strickland, Richard5
Strickland, Julias75
Strickland, Ervin89
Strickland, Simon89
Strickland, [----?y]89
Strickland, Isaac17
Strickland, Cian89
Stroud, Shearwood53
Strowd, John53
Sturdivant, Joel49
Sumerlin, Isaac27
Sumerlin, Henry27
Summerlin, William29
Swain, John89
Sylvan, Drury25
Tait, James79
Tanner, James79
Tanner, Gidion57
Tanner, Archabald53
Tanner, Matthew67
Tarrance, John83
Taylor, George85by Edward Adams, Atty.
Taylor, Robert23
Thetford, William67granted Weatherby & others
Thomas, John43on ther oath of his wife
Thomas, David47
Thomas, William27
Thomas, John25
Thomas, John79
Thomas, Shearod33
Thomas, hadley9
Thomason, Thomas73
Thomason, Willimam51
Thomason, John89
Thompson, James49
Thompson, William45
Thompson, Joseph65
Thompson, Joseph Sr.67
Thompson, Frederick49
Thompson, Joseph Jr.63
Thompson, Martin K.85
Thornton, John13
Thornton, Pryor13
Thurmond, Harrison53
Thurmond, William53
Thurmond, Thomas53
Thurmond, Richard41
Thurmond, James9
Thurmond, Willis53
Thurmond, Rowland41
Thurmond, Martin53
Tidwell, Berry53
Tidwell, Peter59
Tilman, Dickson7
Tilman, William7
Timbs, Walter5
Todd, John69
Townsend, John53
Townsend, Solomon55
Tramel, Daniel67
Travers, David35by William McCutchen, Agent
Treadwell, Jeremiah33
Tredwell, John57
Trout, Nathaniel7
Tucker, Timothy51
Turner, Edward83
Turner, Richard83
Turner, John65
Tuttle, James9
Tuttle, David11
Tuttle, Solomon9by Ephraim Patrick, Agent
Upshaw, William25
Venable, John Sr.83
Venable, William85
Venable, Nathaniel85
Venable, Charles83
Venable, Robert69
Venable, Abraham71
Venable, John71
Vickery, William65
Vincent, Moses15
Wadsworth, Thomas67by Sarah, Ex'x of Estate
Wadsworth, Sarah67
Witt & Hyde in Co.87
Witt, David87
Wood, Etheldred47
Wood, G.47by Etheldred Wood, Parent
Wood, William87
Woods, John Sr.55
Woods, John Jr.55
Woods, Timothy C.53
Woodward, Aaron53
Wright, James41
Wright, John41
Wright, Ailsey27widow
Wright, Capt. James41
Wright, John75by Joseph Davis, Ex'r Estate of
Yancy, Richard65
Yarbrow, Ambrose17
York, Archabald21
York, Henry91
Young, Robert65
Young, Ezekiel89
Young, John89by Mourning Young, wife

from the GEORGIA EXPRESS, Vol. II, No.82, Saturday, Dec. 30, 1809

Capt. Pittman’s District. William Millican, Benjamin Neasbet, Burwell Williams and John Williams, Sen’r.

Capt. Gathright’s District. James Pittman, and John Hembry.

Capt. Hampton’s District. John Hampton, Stephen Pittcock, Hukey Brown, Eli Shunkle (Shankle), Aaron Combs and Clayburn Webb.

Capt. Reed’s District. John Hulsey, Jesse Thomas, William Camoron, William Hammond, George Sanders, Larkin Turner, James Burk, Noah Langley, Julias Bates, Daneil Case, Thomas Sockwell, John Burk, John Lane, sen, Vincent Self, John Langley, Joseph Wilson, Joshua, Denton, Robert McCravey, Donneigh Hulsey, Jesse Hulsey, and [blank] Sanders.

Capt. Murdock’s District. Francis Phelps, and Ansel Beardin.

Capt. Whorton’s District. John Smith, George McClure and Joseph Holland.

Capt. Roger’s District. Simeon White, Daniel Glaze, Jeremiah Walker, James Moore and Joshua Bridges.

Capt. McCleskey’s District. Henry Bradshaw, Ezekiel Little and (blank Shearlin).

Capt. Garrison’s District. Elias Mullens, John Mullens, Silas White, Edmond Lumpkin, William Dunman, Joseph Dunman, Joseph Cavender, Buckner Riggins, John Denton, Samuel Young, Daniel Ayers, John Stewart, and [blank] Williford.

Capt. Wright’s District. Alexander Keenum, Rowland McDurmond and James Daniel.

Capt. Hays’ District. Abraham Duke, Peter Hyles, William Durben, John Campbell, Charles Dodd, Lewis Miers, John McCarty & [blank] Vickers (widow).

Capt. Shackleford’s District. Robert Ellison, Hosea Camp, David Smith, James Coker, William Ellison and Samuel Oliver.

Capt. Gillespie’s District. Drury Malone, Burwell Hambrick, Drury Bishop, Robert Coker, Gabriel Rice, Joshua Luker, Joseph Hardy, Joel Bowen and Henry Bishop.

Capt. Windham’s District. Jacob Watson, Jesse Kelly, Willis Watson, Huram Autry, James Smith, Amos Philips, Jesse B. Ervine, Samuel Kenal, John Carter, William Carter, James Rials, James McColley, Samuel Phelps, William Kelly, James Manen, Paul Anthony, John R. Green, William Dragoon Smith, and [blank] Ethridge.

Capt. Hartper’s District. David Rutherford, James Rogers, Benjamin Otwell, Henry Dickson, Peter Hambrick and [blank] Wigley.

Capt. McKenney’s District. James Branham, Robert Hancock, Daniel Dowdy, Ephram Massey.

Capt. M. Dickson’s former district, not being offered, no return.

Capt. Johnson’s District. Roger Brooks.

Capt. Carrigan’s District. John Taid, David Nicholas, Samuel Crocket, William Johnson, John Turner, Eli Bachelor, Samuel Bailey sen., James Hodge, James Batten, Thomas Bennett and John Farmer.

Thomas Huges, R.T.R. Dec. 30, 1809